Aluminium Frames in Cyprus

Type of Aluminium Frames

Opening Aluminium Frames

Key Features

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Completely sealed
  • Soundproof
hinged aluminium frames in cyprus

Sliding Aluminium Frames

Key Features

  • Minimal aesthetics
  • Modern
  • Practical
sliding aluminium frames in cyprus

Tilt and Turn Aluminium Frames

Key Features

  • Good ventilation
  • Safety
  • Low-maintenance
tilt and turn aluminium frames in cyprus

Folding Aluminium Frames

Key Features

  • For large openings
  • Thermal insulation
  • Simple
folding aluminium frames in cyprus

Fixed Aluminium Frames

Key Features

  • Steady
  • Not opening/closing
  • Letting the light in
fixed aluminium frames in cyprus

Why Choose Aluminium Frames?

Long-lasting & Durable

Aluminium frames last for a long time, depending on their quality. They are not affected by weather changes or UV radiation as other materials.


Aluminium is a hard and durable material. Aluminium frames are resistant to extreme weather conditions and natural phenomena.


Aluminium frames are an ecological choice as they are recyclable.