Rabel Aluminium Installers in Cyprus

Rabel Systems has more than 50 years experience in the aluminium industry. Their continuous development over the years has rightfully given them several awards in the areas of design and innovation.

Rabel produces and offers an extensive list of products for all needs and preferences. Their state-of-the-art facilities in Cyprus contribute to the company’s achievements and success over the years.

rabel aluminium installers in cyprus

Rabel Products in Cyprus

We want the best for our clients and Rabel aluminium products help us offer stylish, strong and ergonomic aluminium solutions to everyone. As Rabel Aluminium Installers in Cyprus we choose Rabel products and solutions to satisfy the needs of all our customers.


Rabel Sliding-Folding Systems

Rabel 3800 Lift & Minimal/Slim Super Thermal

  • slim look
  • smooth slide
  • sound proofing
  • burglar resistant
  • thermal insulating
3800 minimal slim super thermal

Rabel Pivot Systems

Rabel 8000 Lift & Pivot Entrance Door

  • slim look
  • thermal insulating
  • smooth opening and closing
  • range of finishes available
  • extremely burglar resistant
rebel 8000

Rabel Fencing Systems

Rabel 1300

  • horizontal panels
  • high quality finish
  • range of colours available
  • single or double side configuration

Rabel 1305

  • modern design
  • horizontal panels
  • high quality finish
  • range of colours available
  • single side configuration
rebel 1300

Rabel Shading Systems

Rabel 700 Ritz

  • weather resistant
  • adjustable louver blades
  • modern handles available
  • range of colours available
  • applicable to doors and windows
rebel 700

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