Our Cyprus Aluminium Windows Company

We specialize in aluminium manufacturing and installation and offer all kinds of aluminium-related services and products. We work with some of the best aluminium suppliers, like Muskita, Alumil and Rabel, to ensure that all our installations are safe and of high quality.

Our aim is to offer the best quality aluminium products and installations to meet your needs and expectations. Whether we work on a project for a house, company, or another property, we always strive to give you an aluminium installation that is both ergonomic and beautiful.

Smooth and Easy Installation Process

If you want to elevate your space, with our sleek and durable products, provide us with the dimensions you need, and our expert team will prepare a quote just for you. Then, our team of specialists can visit your property to accurately measure the dimensions and help you select the perfect doors, windows or other aluminium products that complement your space’s style and meet your practical needs.


Our Products

Whether you want aluminium windows, doors, a fence, or any other product, we can customize any type of aluminium product according to the style and mechanism you want. Then we also help you choose from our list of high-quality glass options.


Cyprus Aluminium Windows

Over the years and endless projects, our team has gained expertise in aluminium window installations. We offer a list of window systems plus customized installations if you wish.

Our team offers hinged, sliding, pivot and tilt and turn window systems for any preferences. We strive to give you the most practical yet elegant window installation to make your place an ergonomic and beautiful place to live or work in.

aluminium windows in cyprus

Types of Window Installations

tilt and turn window

Tilt and Turn Windows in Cyprus

sliding windows

Sliding Aluminium Windows

pivot horizontal window

Pivot Horizontal Windows

pivot vertical window

Pivot Vertical Windows

hinged aluminium windows

Hinged Aluminium Windows in Cyprus

Aluminium Doors in Cyprus

Whether you want an impressive main entrance door or a modern installation that allows you to enjoy your garden and exterior place all the time, we’ve got you covered. You can choose which door installation you want for your own style and practicality.

We install all types of aluminium doors including sliding, folding-sliding, hinged, tilt and turn and French doors.

aluminium doors in cyprus

Curtain Walls

A curtain wall is the best window installation for business buildings with a lot of floors and offices. Curtain walls are usually used to protect high-rise buildings from natural phenomena and elements. In a curtain wall installation, the visibility of the aluminium frames from the outside can be limited or none.

Of course, we can install curtain walls on any project, whether this is a high-rise building or a residential property. Our team of specialists works with each customer to create a tailored aluminium system with the design, mechanism and colour of each customer’s preference.

curtain walls in cyprus

Sun Protection Systems

The sun in Cyprus shines almost all year long, thus all property owners should take sun protection systems seriously to keep the sun and light under control and protect their houses and themselves from excessive sun exposure. Our shading systems allow light to enter a building without overheating it.

Our shading solutions on Cyprus aluminium windows include roller shutters and fixed and movable louvers which are wind resistant and can be automatic or manual.

Sun shading systems not only offer sun protection but also privacy and safety since a sun shading installation acts as an additional layer and makes it more difficult for intruders to enter a building.

sun protection system

Aluminium Gates

Our aluminium gates offer durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. They are low maintenance and can be tailored to your preferences and your property style. Choose between a manual or automatic aluminium gate with a sliding or swing mechanism.

aluminium gates

Aluminium Fences

Enhance privacy and durability with our modern aluminium fences. Their low maintenance and weather-resistant qualities make them cost-efficient and a great choice for any property. Choose from our range of designs to complement your property.

Contact us today to schedule a visit to start the installation process.

aluminium fence

Aluminium Railings

Enhance your property with elegant and durable aluminium railings. Our aluminium railings can be tailored to your staircase or ramp, ensuring a seamless and secure fit that enhances both safety and aesthetics.

aluminium railings

Insect Screens

The hot weather in Cyprus is the reason for the endless amounts of insects and pests like cockroaches and mosquitoes on the island. The installation of insect screens on your doors and windows can be life-changing. You will not have to worry about insects coming in your house and flies sitting on your food.

The screens can be applied to any of our doors or windows without affecting the visibility through them. Our insect screens are pet resistant and do not get damaged when pets chew or scratch them. These screens do not need any maintenance since they are made of high-quality materials that do not get damaged over time.

insect screens

Glazing Options

Choosing the glass you wish to install in your house or office is very important as good quality glass will save you from a lot of noise and energy. That is, a glass can save you energy since it can be thermally insulating.

The glass on your windows and doors must suit your property’s style and design. Our glazing options include glass that is both stable and stylish. There are numerous glazing options to choose from, plus a combination of different options where applicable. Most of them are offered in single or double glazing.

  • Tempered glass
  • Soundproof glass
  • Fire resistant glass
  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Switchable smart glass
  • Clear and tinted float glass
  • Security and burglar resistant glazing
glazing options


The Role of Aluminium Windows in Coastal Homes in Cyprus

Living on the coast of the island of Cyprus is a unique experience. Still, it also sets many challenges, especially regarding the elements that the house you are living in is constructed. The salty air and the sunlight can damage the home’s exterior. So, making the right options will make your house more durable over time. In this blog post, you can learn more information about the role of aluminium windows in coastal homes.

security features of aluminium windows
Security Features of Aluminium Windows: Protecting Your Cyprus Property

A safe and secure house starts with secured doors and windows. Aluminium windows offer a range of security features that can help protect your home and give you peace of mind. In this blog post, you can learn more information about the security features of aluminium windows.

aluminium windows for noise reduction
Aluminium Windows for Noise Reduction

Living in noisy environments can be disturbing and can impact someone’s well-being. One effective solution for soothing noise is to install soundproof windows. Aluminium windows are a reliable solution for noise reduction in all kinds of settings. They are a popular choice for homeowners in noisy areas. So, here you can learn about aluminium windows for noise reduction.

Why Aluminium

Aluminium Windows in Cyprus are the perfect choice for all types of buildings and all kinds of styles and designs as they can be customized for any shape or colour. It is a material with multiple benefits:

  • A low-maintenance material.
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient material.
  • Aluminum installations can be burglar-resistant.
  • A long lifespan material. Weather conditions and time do not affect aluminium.
  • Aluminium installations combined with the appropriate glass can contribute to thermal and sound insulation.
cyprus aluminium windows